Adventure Kids

Adventure Kids Children 519church believes in partnering with parents through Adventure Kids to help your child discover God. During weekly Sunday gatherings your child is cared for by loving and experienced teachers passionate about sharing God’s love. From quiet places for newborns to high-energy activities for elementary-aged children, 519 provides age-appropriate ways to encounter God.

What to Expect In Adventure Kids, you will find catchy, age-appropriate music, engaging Bible stories, and relevant activities all for the purpose of finding the best way for your child to learn that God made them, loves them, and wants them to love well and live differently. 519 Church values your child’s safety. Before joining Adventure Kids, every volunteer undergoes extensive training and a background check by an established company. Feel free to check out a copy of our Safe Sanctuaries policy. It is also available at the Adventure Kid’s check-in station each Sunday.

Check-In Sunday mornings you will be greeted by an Adventure Kids volunteer and asked to check-in your child prior to walking them to their classroom. We have a computerized check-in system that allows us to print two information labels – one for your child and one for the parents to keep during the service. At the end of the service, to ensure your child’s safety, we will collect your label and your child’s label and make sure they match before sending them home with you.

Adventure Kids Classes
Stepping Stones (Birth to 2 years)
Stepping Stones (2 to 3 years)
Foothills (3 to 4 years)
Base Camp (Kindergarten to 5th Grade)

Curriculum Our curriculum is based on the Orange Strategy: combining the strength of two – red (family) and yellow (the church) — for the brilliance of another, Orange. It is a strategy and curriculum that follows our children from diapers to diplomas, drawing on the elements of Wonder, Discovery and Passion, interlocking essentials that build a child’s view of God, the world and themselves.

As a part of this, At 519 church we are expecting parents to join-in on Sunday mornings once a quarter to help out in Adventure Kids. The family ministry team has many gifted leaders and youth that will serve along side you so that together we can build a stronger partnership.

Inclusion Buddies

God created all of us beautifully in His image. And at 519, we desire to make an experience with God accessible to all of His people. “Inclusion Buddies” is a ministry designed to help children and youth with special needs, or those who just need a little extra TLC, to do just that. Our Inclusion Buddies team is equipped with basic skills, knowledge and awareness for supporting individuals with special needs so that each individual can have a personal, enjoyable, meaningful time with God- whether in worship, in Sunday School, or both.

Registering for Childcare during the week (non-Sunday morning)

During most events on our campuses, childcare is provided free of charge.  We offer the same quality of care as listed above with the exact same expectations around safety and care-takers.  Registration is required 5 days prior to the meeting date.  Typically, childcare is offered for birth through fifth grade. For specific questions, email Deborah Wade.

Register online or take a moment to review our behavior and other related guidelines.