Our Name

In the gospel of Luke, there’s a story about four friends who bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus. They have heard that Jesus heals people and they desire nothing less for their friend. But when they arrive at the house where Jesus is speaking, it’s so crowded they can’t get in the door. So in Luke 5:19, they get creative, digging a hole in the roof and lowering down their friend to the feet of Jesus. Jesus sees the faith of the friends and heals the paralyzed man.

For these friends, their faith wasn’t just a head thing or a heart thing. It changed the way they acted and lived. They loved their friend well and it caused them to live differently. And that’s what 519 Church wants to be – a group of people who love well and live differently, together.

Our History


This vision emerged in 2011 as a group of friends gathered to refocus how church is done.  We believed that we could be a both a great Sunday morning church as well as a church where what we did on Sundays changed the places we live work and play.  And there was no better place to try this than in the nearby, rapidly-growing zip code of 27519. That’s how 519 Church was born.


Grounded in the Methodist tradition, 519 is one of four faith communities that makes up the Apex United Methodist Church Family. Together these communities form a large family of faith. Like most families, we pool our resources to do more together than any one church could do alone.


For the first four years, we called Carpenter Elementary School our home.  It was a great place to be, and we have lots of fond memories there.  We grew with new friends joining us every week.  We baptized a lot of babies.  We had a lot of parties and worshipped week in and week out.  As our Family grew, it became clear that we needed a space that we could call home for a while, a space that would allow us to focus our energy on the people and projects we care most about.  After a year and a half of looking, we stumbled upon an old conference center in Perimeter Park in late 2016.


Our movement, it seems, is just getting started.  And we invite you to join us as we continue to love well and live differently.