Feed the Kids was born out of a desire to leverage the work of local parents who were already invested in feeding kids in our area.  The movement started with a program called Nourishing Noggins, which was created by some local parents when they recognized that a few students in their children’s classroom, who had free and reduced food available during the week, had nothing on the weekends.

We continue to work together to provide nutritious food and other basic necessities to disadvantaged students in Western Wake County and Chatham County.

By providing these needs at such a critical developmental time, we not only help these individuals become healthier children but we also enable them to be fully engaged students. This leads to many long-term benefits and helps ensure that they have the foundation from which to succeed. 

Our Current Projects:


Each week, we provide 125 “weekend snack bags” packed with individually sized portions of food items to children at Alston Ridge, Green Hope, Moncure, Baucom, and Salem Elementary Schools grades K-8. On weekdays, we also provide after-school snacks for Green Hope, Carpenter Elementary, and Mt. Vernon students. Our kids are given breakfast and lunch during school. We provide weekend food that is nutritious, lightweight and inconspicuous for the times they have little to eat.

We are always looking for more folks to join in the fun, either purchasing food, collecting donations of food, or sponsoring one of our children.

Each backpack contains:

2 breakfast items :: individual portions of cereal, oatmeal, or grits.
2 healthy snacks :: granola bars, dried fruit, individual fruit cups, popcorn, Nabs, cereal bars, or cheese & crackers


2 lunch items :: soup cans (10 oz) or ramen noodles
2 dinner items :: individual-size mac ‘n cheese (7 oz) or individual containers of pasta with meat

Questions or want to help out?

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