What is a 519community?

519communities are groups of 20+ people who are united around a common identity and purpose. 519communities are not small groups, a Bible study or just another church program. They are like an extended family that lives out faith together by supporting one another, worshiping together and serving others. As a missional community, each 519community is united by a common purpose — whether it’s serving a particular neighborhood, a group of people or cause.


We serve our neighbors in the Raleigh area experiencing homelessness and build relationships through support and compassion.

Meets in Apex, schedule changes seasonally– currently meeting on Tuesday evenings and OUT on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, with occasional social gatherings.

Led by Andrew & Carolyn Gill and Theresa Watson & Ted Browne, no childcare available


We seek to bring our everyday neighbors (from where we live, work, and play) into a space to experience family and God’s love.

Meets in West Cary every 1st and 3rd Friday evening, plus one additional Friday or Saturday OUT

Led by David & Beth Austin, no childcare available


We focus missionally on loving children and their helpers (teachers and first responders).

Meets three Wednesdays a month at 6:30pm, plus one Sunday afternoon community dinner each month.

Led by Chip & Erin Woodard, all ages and children welcome


We have a passion for helping children at a local elementary school feel connected and cared for (providing empathy and kindness), providing needs as they arise.

Meets in Apex every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 6pm, plus one additional day each month OUT

Led by Steven & Caroline Cockman, all ages and children welcome


How often do communities meet?
Most communities meet weekly. Gatherings are a balance of focusing either UP on our relationship with God, building relationships IN with each other, or OUT serving our greater community.
Who leads these communities?
Communities have a primary leader plus a couple co-leaders who assist in coordination of gatherings. As the community’s visionary, the primary leader sets the community’s tone and direction. Our leaders are in regular discipling relationships with each other so that they are well-equipped to make other disciples who love well and live differently.
How many people are involved in a community?
It varies. Communities are encouraged to grow to a size that is “small enough to care, but large enough to dare.” Ideally, a community consists of at least 12 people, though communities could grow to have several dozen people.
Where do they meet?
Where family happens – in people’s homes.  We have communities in Cary, Morrisville and Apex.