Plans have been underway for a “flip-flop sunday”…a worship experience where we planned to walk in with shoes and walk out with bare feet as we live into our scripture message for the day.  This week, we got some exciting news.  Omega Sports in Morrisville reached out to us, and asked us to partner with them for their Summer Sneaker Trade-in.  So, instead of only collecting 100 pair of shoes during worship on July 21st, we are looking at over 1,000 pairs of shoes.

519 will be taking some of them down to Haiti as a part of our pilgrimage this fall.  We will also be donating some to local rescue missions through our 519communities.  Finally, we will be reaching out to Interact, to supply some great shoes for kids and women who had to flee from abusive domestic situations with nothing.  If there are any left over, we will be working through Soles for Souls to help bolster a micro-enterprise, likely in Haiti as well.

A huge thanks to Omega Sports for working with us in this effort in addition to all of their help as our primary sponsor again this year for our 519 Hearts Haiti 10k*5k coming up on September 14th.